CargoMaster A350
CargoMaster A350
CargoMaster A350
CargoMaster A350
CargoMaster A350
CargoMaster A350
CargoMaster A350
CargoMaster A350
CargoMaster A350
CargoMaster A350

CargoMaster A350

Transporting Tall Heavy Loads upstairs and downstairs is one of the most difficult challenges of transportation. In most cases two people have to tackle the goods. Back and joints are unduly strained and accidents happen more easily—the CargoMaster relieves your back and your wallet.

The CargoMaster A350 transports virtually all tall heavy goods over stairs with ease, speed, reliability and little physical power. Generally one person is sufficient to operate the device. The A350 is particularly suited to transport extremely heavy, wide and high goods. In such situations safety and stability are of the highest priority.

The A350 is our special device for really heavy goods. It transports loads up to 350kg and is, therefore, ideal for Fridges, Copying machines, Cabinets, Vending machines, Safe's, Stoves, and much more.
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No more anxiety before heavy tall tours-

The A350 is equipped with Extendable Handles Specially assisting handling Tall Goods with ease. 

Due to the Extendable Handles in height, the A350 can be easily adjusted to the Suitable Height of Respective Goods & User providing a Comfortable Experience. Thus, even very tall goods can be transported easily.

The Solid Rubber Tires with Larger sized support tires make the CargoMaster failsafe - even under long-term stress for the tires.

The Powerful Electric Drive is Fueled by a Larger Capacity Battery pack for a longer range of up to 650 Steps

Equipped with adjustable Toe Plate in height, the center of gravity can also be adjusted.On level ground, you can also use the CargoMaster like a pushcart.

With inserted grips and folded plate, the A350 has a pack size of 1190 x 590 x 520 mm, and thus fits easily into even small vehicles of transportation.

Advantages that convince

  • Extendable Handles for Tall Goods 
  • Able to Lift Goods up for Loading to most Transport Vehicles
  • High maneuverability, even on narrow spiral stairs and landings
  • Adjustable toe plate for ideal center of gravity
  • Added stability with larger secondary support wheels
  • Able to park on staircase
See the CargoMaster in action.
Videos describing the climbing process and how to use the CargoMaster.
Comfort Step
  • Soft Touching Down
  • Low-Vibration Climbing
  • Comfortable Climbing
  • With Integrated battery Display
  • Also Suitable for High Quality Loads
  • Can be Turned On at All Times
CargoMaster A350 Technical Data
CargoMaster A350
Technology A350
Measurements Height = 1195-1785 mm
Width = 590 mm
Depth = 520 mm
Weight Climbing unit = 43 kg
Charger = 0.3 kg
Battery pack = 6 kg
Total weight = 49 kg
Lifting capacity 350 kg
Climbing speed 4-10 steps/ minute
Range with one charge of the batteries (depending on the load) 200 kg: approx. 650 steps
250 kg: approx. 540 steps
350 kg: approx. 330 steps
Min. depth of the step’s surface 140 mm
Min. Step width (straight stairs) Maneuvering space 100 mm
(CargoMaster + Load) 
Min. platform size Depends on the attendant ‘s height and the height of the load
Batteries 2 x 12 V / 5 Ah (sealed lead acid)
Direct current motor 24 V / 275 W
Noise level The device ‘s A weighted noise level lies typically below 70 dB (A)
Storing/operating temperature: device 0° C up to +60° C / ,30°'C up to +50°C
Vibrations The weighted RMS value of acceleration the upper body is exposed to lies typically below 2,5 m/s2.
Sticker serial number On the left side of the housing
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CargoMaster A350
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Battery Pack
Battery Pack
Additional battery pack for continuous operation.
Additional charger.
Charging Cable For The Car
Charging Cable For The Car
Available in 12 V or 24 V.
Vertical Lift (Manual Operation)
Vertical Lift (Manual Operation)
This vertical lift is simply attached to the CargoMaster A350. This way you can lift goods of up to 350kg up or down from shelves, etc. With a crank handle the load is lifted up to the desired height (max. of 65cm).
Supporting Bow
Supporting Bow
This is suitable to transport high goods. Easy assembly due to gripper clamps on the bars of the grips. This helps to optimize the load‘s center of gravity for easy handling.
Support for Round Containers
Support for Round Containers
Support for round containers with a diameter of 150 – 800 mm. Easy assembly by inserting.
Back Wall
Back Wall
Protects the load from scratching or sliding through. Available with a rubber or felt cover.
For special horizontal transportation. Available with rubber or felt cover.
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Ms Chris First Copier Johor
Only after using CC200, I had less reliance on human labor. A job that requires 3 people before, and now only one person can do it. This allows me to better allocate staff to continue grow the company's business. CC200 it's awesome!
Mr Lee LC Engineering
Our staff used it once so far. They said it's the best decision we made!

Stairclimbers have grown to be increasingly popular in this day and age because of the numerous benefits made available from these units. It offers the main benefit of moving heavy loads down and up the steps with ease. Whether you are a home-owner seeking to move heavy furniture upstairs, or a businessman seeking to transport heavy goods for the upper floor of your own building, a stair climber dolly could possibly be the best solution for your needs. At AAT Asia, we offer a wide range of stair climbers from the CargoMaster brand, ranging from stairclimbing hand trolleys for transporting goods to personal stairclimber wheelchairs for rehabilitation, as well as stairclimbing wheelchairs for aviation. If you have any enquiries regarding our products, do either give us a phone call or send us an e-mail.

AAT Asia is part of ATM Trading (M) Sdn Bhd -- a prominent and competitive name providing total business solutions in office automachines. We offer a wide range of products including our latest division, the CargoMaster and Aviation wheelchair, after being appointed sole distributor of AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH for the Asian region. Our vision for the immediate future would be to inevitably incorporate the idea of grooming our image towards a more concerned company with the intention of protecting this industry, as well as facilitating for customers' needs and wants.