CargoMaster C141
CargoMaster C141
CargoMaster C141
CargoMaster C141
CargoMaster C141
CargoMaster C141
CargoMaster C141
CargoMaster C141
CargoMaster C141

CargoMaster C141

Transporting heavy goods frequently can sometimes outweigh a person, leading to accidents and permanent health damage.

The CargoMaster does not only transport heavy loads but also substitutes the second person normally necessary for the transportation of heavy goods. This "second man" can be useful elsewhere. Thus, the device pays for itself quickly.

The CargoMaster C141 is particularly suitable for areas in trade and logistics, where it is not only of great importance to transport goods safely, but climbing speed and flexibility are also indispensable.

With a lifting capacity of 140kg, you are able to manage with 30 steps per minute using this equipment.
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The CargoMaster is not only powerful, but also quick-

Problems of Transportation & Cost Solved Ingeniously 

Stacked goods such as cases with drinks or paper, but also barrels are easily transported with the CargoMaster. With this small but powerful transportation device one person can transport up to 140kg at a time, by himself and with little physical effort. 

Even on narrow stairs the CargoMaster is reliable. Its safe climbing mechanism conquers even winding stairs and can be used on virtually any type of surface. The steps' edges are not damaged.

The climbing speed can be adjusted continuously. Safety brakes stop automatically at the edge of each step. Thus, rearrangements on the stairs are possible at all times.

Due to its light weight the CargoMaster can be taken anywhere without problem. With inserted grips and folded plate it can be stored space-savingly in smaller cars.

Advantages that convince

  • Safe and efficient transportation of loads up to 140kg
  • Ultra Lightweight for easy Transportation
  • Continuously adjustable climbing speed
  • Automatic safety brake



See the CargoMaster in action.
Videos describing the climbing process and how to use the CargoMaster.
CargoMaster C141 Technical Data
CargoMaster C141
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CargoMaster C141
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Ms Chris First Copier Johor
Only after using CC200, I had less reliance on human labor. A job that requires 3 people before, and now only one person can do it. This allows me to better allocate staff to continue grow the company's business. CC200 it's awesome!
Mr Lee LC Engineering
Our staff used it once so far. They said it's the best decision we made!

Stairclimbers have grown to be increasingly popular in this day and age because of the numerous benefits made available from these units. It offers the main benefit of moving heavy loads down and up the steps with ease. Whether you are a home-owner seeking to move heavy furniture upstairs, or a businessman seeking to transport heavy goods for the upper floor of your own building, a stair climber dolly could possibly be the best solution for your needs. At AAT Asia, we offer a wide range of stair climbers from the CargoMaster brand, ranging from stairclimbing hand trolleys for transporting goods to personal stairclimber wheelchairs for rehabilitation, as well as stairclimbing wheelchairs for aviation. If you have any enquiries regarding our products, do either give us a phone call or send us an e-mail.

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