The Max-E increases your radius of action based on the most advanced technology. It makes you independent and mobile in a comfortable and effortless way. Max-E can easily and quickly be mounted to and dismounted from your wheelchair. The device is simple and easy to handle, making you independent at your work place, at home or outside in the street.
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MAX E – A Comfortable Solution Through Simple Installation

Max-E increases your personal mobility tremendously. This begins with its easy installation done by simply hooking the compact drive unit and the convenient battery pack onto your wheelchair.

The wireless control unit has no cables and can be placed according to your needs. The pneumatic engagement of the drive unit makes your wheelchair ready to use., quickly and safely, even if your physical mobility is impaired.

Of course, the Max-E is easily dismounted as it is mounted.

Together with your wheelchair it fits without problem even into smaller cars. Its low weight is a further advantage that makes the Max-E comfortable to transport.

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Ms Chris First Copier Johor
Only after using CC200, I had less reliance on human labor. A job that requires 3 people before, and now only one person can do it. This allows me to better allocate staff to continue grow the company's business. CC200 it's awesome!
Mr Lee LC Engineering
Our staff used it once so far. They said it's the best decision we made!

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